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We are JL Essentials, a USA company run by James and Leah, in Lake Mary Florida. JL Essentials is committed to providing each customer with the highest standard of customer service. Our #1 goal is customer satisfaction! We sell quality products at competitive prices with excellent customer service relations.

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These really work on everything it says it will do…

“These probiotics are amazing! My daughter has been taking these for quite a while now and swears by them, so when they were offered to me at a discounted price for my honest opinion, she told me I had to get them. She is right. Since I began using them, I have more energy and I feel better in general. I have always had intestinal issues and that is why she wanted me to try them. She says that they are like a miracle in a pill. I am doing better with my intestinal issues even though I was a skeptic. Everyone I know has been told by doctors in the past year, even vets are telling people to get them for their dogs, especially small dogs. Well, I am not a skeptic anymore and I will have these in my refrigerator from now on so that I can take them everyday. If you want to feel better, try these. I know you will be glad you did! They are guaranteed, what do you have to lose?”

Shirley Bachmeyer

No Longer Full Of It!

“I am always having problems with constipation, bloating, feeling sluggish and gas so I was looking forward to trying these Probiotics. I have used these capsules for 6 days now and can feel the differences in my body. First, I have more energy as I am not feeling sluggish which is good because I work out daily at the gym and need all the energy I can muster each day without feeling bloated and full. Second, I am starting to go somewhat regularly now as opposed to every 4-5 days(I do suffer) and I do not feel as gassy these days. I am taking 1 capsule daily with my breakfast and a full 8 ox glass of water(gotta get that H20 in) as per suggestions on bottle. There was no aftertaste, upset stomach, or negative side effects after taking my capsule. I like that there are 4 months worth of capsules in one container which is letting me get my money’s worth. I will keep using my capsules to see the positive benefits with continued usage. Great product at a great price for oneself or to give as a gift, especially for individuals with digestive issues. Plus, there is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied so there is no risk to try.”


Amazing probiotic! Don’t miss this!

“Absolutely amazing probiotics! I have tried a number of probiotics to help rebalance my intestinal flora after having been treated for Lymes disease and most have not helped resolve any of the issues that came with the prolonged antibiotic treatment but this probiotic has worked amazingly well. So far in a week and a half, I have seen a reduction in every symptom by at least 20% if not more. I highly recommend this product and will be reordering for myself and a few family members.”

Suzanne R. Plott

Best product I have tried in awhile.

“I was at first skeptical about this product. You see so many other people talking about theirs being the best. I am blown away about how I feel when taking them. I even could tell when I wasn’t taking it because I felt sluggish and blah. I am glad that I found this product and will continue to order it.”